Natural And Holistic Treatments To Remedy Scabies


Scabies is a skin infection caused by mites. When you are in the situation of having to use treatment for scabies, you can go for the natural and holistic treatments to remedy scabies. This requires an idea of what this kind of treatment should look like and how best it can cure scabies. According to,  natural and holistic treatment for scabies will be beneficial because the infected skin will heal naturally and be able to fight the scabies parasites. You can tackle the problem immediately to avoid spreading of scabies because it is a contagious infection which can spread fast due to contact of the skin.

Holistic treatments to remedy scabies

Cleaning the environment

4567utreThis is one of the most important natural ways of treating scabies. Mites that cause scabies live in a dirty environment, therefore, it is the priority to get rid of them from their habitats in the furniture, carpets, and clothing. Thoroughly clean the house to eradicate this scabies parasite. Regular vacuuming can be most recommended. Ensure that you wash your body by scrubbing it daily. This is because scabies burrows deep into the layers of the body when they are left undetected, therefore you need to scrub your body and scalp because it helps you identify when scabies is present. When you practice this measure every day, you will prevent the mites from burrowing into the skin and causing infection.

Natural treatment

This involves the use of tea tree oil, clove oil, onions, and turmeric. This substance contains very strong anti-bacteria together with anti-inflammatory properties that can be helpful because they kill scabies parasites. This compounds also protect the infected areas against secondary infections that might occur. Onions contain a substance called quercetin which is used to relieve the itching in the infected skin. The onion also has organosulfur compounds. This compound can attack and eliminate the scabies parasites in the infected skin. These natural herbs and substances help in the natural and holistic treatment of remedy scabies.

Avoiding skin contact

This is a very important way you can practice at home in the case where you live with a victim of scabies. Try as much as possible to avoid contacting people with this infection because scabies is very contiguous and it can be easily transmitted from one person to another by direct skin to skin contact. Even though it is difficult to tell if a person has this infection, but this is your responsibility to only engage in skin to skin contact with those people whom you know are safe from scabies.e6yujhfgdf

Eliminating the itching

You can use specifically those substances prescribed by the physician to eliminate or reduce the itching in the infected areas. For instance, a study that was conducted by an Indian researcher came up with the fact that with 800 people who used turmeric mixed as a scabies formula, within 3 to 15 days of treatment, 97% of the cases were treated naturally. This concludes the potential of these natural components that can be used as the natural and holistic treatment to remedy scabies.…