Various Benefits Of Sleeping In A Cold Room


It is advisable to sleep in a cold room as it offers many health benefits. Recent studies show that sleeping in such a room offers a great experience. It benefits both your mental and physical health. Moreover, it helps you to have a good sleep. There are several reasons it is advisable to spend your night in a cold room than a room that is hot. In fact, what you are interested in is getting quality sleep. In this post, you will learn some important reasons for sleeping in a cold room:

Why you should sleep in a cold room

Cures insomnia

tg2wed76chwued8i2o2A study carried out by a renowned university showed that people who sleep in cold rooms have a better sleep. Other than this, the habit helps one cure his or her insomnia. This is because the body temperature drops for one to fall asleep. Thus, if you find it difficult to sleep, you should try sleeping in a cold room.

Release melatonin

Melatonin signals the body when it is time to sleep. Moreover, this hormone helps the human body to stay young. In fact, cold helps the body to produce a lot of melatonin. It is advisable to maintain your room temperature below 72 degrees F. The ideal temperature should be about 65 degrees F.

Avoid metabolic illnesses

If you are interested in burning extra calories as you sleep, you should sleep in a room that has an average temperature of 65 degrees F. This will help you burn a lot of calories. In the end, you will achieve your weight loss targets. Also, you can minimize risks of some diseases like diabetes.

Quality sleep

g3wedf7hedfc82jio2When you sleep in a too cold or too hot room, the body system works quite hard to regulate your body temperature. In fact, cool temperatures have been linked to deeper sleep. However, when you sleep in a hot environment, your decrease your sleepiness and increase your wakefulness.

Be naked

If your aim is to develop a good sleep cycle, you should sleep in a cold room. It is advisable to be naked. This is because being naked helps the body produce a lot of growth hormones. Thus, you will have a great sleep and reduced stress levels.

Other benefits

Cool air has been shown to have other help benefits such as helping prevent the growth of bacteria from growing in some parts of the body. In fact, it has been found to prevent yeast infection.…